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coverpic flag US - Oregon - Full Moon 167 - 04/28/10

Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose
Bridge Carols

Folk singer Laura Gibson and electronica musician Ethan Rose have made a record together that should soothe any restless soul. They've found a way to work alongside each other that results in a seamless whole. Fluid melodies find Gibson's lovely vocals and lift them higher. "Old Waters" drifts by as peacefully as the title indicates and has a siren song buzzing in its wake. It's not unlike what Virginia Astley once used to do, evoking tranquil moods in a subtle fashion. "Leaving, believing" doesn't exactly raise the temperature, but if finds new ways to express a sense of wonder.

"Borealis Borealis" has an open-sky sense of wonderment even as Gibson's voice wanders by as if in thrall to some strange deity. "Tall Grass, Darkstar" ends the album on an equally calm note, Gibson and Rose finding a sweet tune that suits them both well. It's a quiet treasure of an album.

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