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Salli Lunn
Parachutes Forever
Hidden Shoal Recordings

'A Sally Lunn bun is a traditional version of a manchet, or manchette or michette (French), a traditional English wheaten yeast bread (of very good quality, or a small flat circular loaf of same. It was a bread that was small enough to be held in the hand or glove) originating from Bath in the West Country of England.' (Wikipedia)

Salli Lunn is a band, a Danish quartet based in Copenhagen, and "Parachutes Forever" is their debut single, launched as a foretaste for the upcoming album, Heresy and Rite (due 6th July 2010). Danish pastry, anyone?

Described by Hidden Shoal as 'spectral noise-rock', Salli Lunn performs introvert and arty rock with laidback and emotional vocals, an intriguing and chord'n'chime rich guitar web, and with exciting and accurate rhythm patterns. Lasse Skjold Bertelsen (vocals and guitars), Christian Blæhr (guitars and keyboards), Line Grønbech (drums and percussion), and Jan Nissen (bass guitar) namedrop This Heat, Unwound and Blonde Redhead (Salli Lunn's drums and bass for sure are a bit Redheaded) as influential bands. This is true-blood indie-rock with heart and soul. Or, as the label says music of 'light and shade', like nuances of lightness and darkness. "Parachutes Forever" comes in waves, and is floating the dimension of a bleak colour space. Salli Lunn themselves describe their music sounding like 'chopped prose and poems performed on cords and drums'. Sounds like misty, mystic fairytales to me.

An interesting first meeting. Danes are nice. And cool. I'd better check their album when it comes.

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