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Ross Crean
Lovers and Other Kinds of Monsters
Ross Crean

Ross Crean has a pretty special voice, and he has a definite skill at the piano. His new album is a good one.

"Salome" sees the singer at his best, singing like he's on fire, and playing a beautiful melody. He has this purity to his vocal that reminds me of Antony at times. "Stupid Boy" is one of the strongest songs, Crean's vocals dancing around a tale of broken trust, and with a memorable tune. He really pounds at the keys, in a good fashion here. "The Maddening Crowd" is kind of what a male Tori Amos would do for a torch song. It works fine for Crean, and he's really got the chops for it.

"I was Blind (the Coward's Lament)" is a sad but strong song about moving on after a relationship has failed. He really sings beautifully here. It's a powerful album that deserves to be heard.

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