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Lisa Germano
Magic Neighbour
Young God Records

Lisa Germano has had a long solo career expressing some dark concerns in an expressive manner. Since her nineties heyday she's become more cult and now she releases her eight album.

It has themes that remind me of her earlier work. "To the Mighty One" has more of her hypnotically artless singing and trademark violin, which is heard in the background. "It's a Beautiful Day" she intones but sounds as ever haunted by nightmares. "The Prince of Plati" is seemingly tranquil as she sings of someone who evokes a strong response in her. "We could be laughing just you and me", she sighs to a soft backing.

"Suli-Mon" has a discordant piano line to work against, even as Germano uses her violin. It has a haunted beauty all its own. "Cocoon" ends the album on a spine-tingling yet cautious note. Germano's vocals dance carefully against the tune. She's made another fine album.

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