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Dan Reeder
This New Century
Oh Boy Records

Dan Reeder records for John Prine's label and his style is barebones acoustic with sharp and insightful sometimes very frank lyrics.

"Bitch Nation" looks at the new generation's apathy with great pathos and sharp wit. "She hears rumors of famines and war as she sleeps with the Tv on", he sings regretfully. "Angels May" looks at unconventional celestial beings that might feed you ravioli. No really. It's pretty funny and has a cool tune. "Fireball" is a poignant song with a nice vocal and a soft backing. Reeder's dry wit allows this look at a man's life a real sting. "The Weather is a Dead Man" is caustic look at the human condition with a good tune. Its bluesy slant is hugely appealing to these ears.

It's an intriguing and assured record by a compelling artist.

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