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Rich Bennett
Misty Valley
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Rich Bennett of Brooklyn, NY, is a man of lounge-pop. No matter the 'lounge' is an elevator, a waiting room, or a supermarket. The exotic'n'electronic "Misty Valley" is a single off the forthcoming album, his 2nd; On Holiday. A couple of years ago I checked out his single "Aisle 8: The Underwater Supermarket" (off his first album, Music For Underwater Supermarkets). He still drives a shopping cart filled with experimental, poppy bossa-dance. This time with vocals.

Former musical endeavours of his count the avant-rock group Friendly Bears and Monocle (also on the Hidden Shoal label, check our archive: EP and album). Bennett has also performed/recorded with the Seattle-based band Hotels, written chamber music for the Pamplemousse New Music Ensemble, produced several NYC-based singer-songwriters - among them Rebecca Pronsky (who adds her vocals on "Misty Valley"), and is currently playing with dream-pop collective Mahogany. A man of many departments, for sure.

"Misty Valley" is a piece of breezy pop, and it might be more 'sunny' than 'misty'. I get this feeling of a seaside place, by some beach, while the sun is rising. Maybe if we wait for the entire On Holiday, we'll get us some tan as well. This single is a laid-back long-drink while we're awaiting the album. I'm expecting a total summer album. A colourful beach ball.

Check "Misty Valley" at Hidden Shoal's store - it's available for free download. On Holiday will arrive on July 29th (on CD, with a digital pre-release, July 1st.)

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