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Hidden Shoal Recordings

Iretsu is a Portland-based avant-pop quartet, Ryan Cross (vocal), Glen Scheidt (drums), Joel Holly (guitar) and Chris Pickolick (bass). Fang is their sophomore full-length album.

Fang provides a rare, energetic and dreamy cinematic soundscape from the glockenspiel in the opening title track "Fang" through catchy "Sexy, No?" that by all means is just that; sexy. A term that also easily could be used for "Sleep" with it's seductive deep vocal, and good-night-whistling. And then there is the joyous "Ha-Ra", the synth-cabaret "Neubled" and the epic atmospheric pop-dream of the closure "Particles". All utterly charming, dark-toned chiming, and sublimely catchy. As is the tracks I haven't mentioned.

In short. Iretsu delivers with Fang the finest pop-art.

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