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Janna Audey
The Human Race

Janna Audey has sung in various bands but this is her warmly acoustic and very likeable new record.

Opener "You Came" sees her use her sweet vocals to great effect. She has a timbre that's very appealing here. The title song looks at the human condition from an optimistic viewpoint and makes it work. Audey's singing is an obvious key to this; it's warm and inviting. "Meaning of it All" is kinda neat in a calmingly questing way. Audey's vocals are as ever set to a restrained backing. It's a little rockier than the other songs, which makes it stand out.

"Nothing is Something" is a nice song, Audey's singing a little tougher as she sings of a failed relationship with verve and gusto. She really gets her point across well. This is a very nice album.

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