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Self Titled EP
own label

This 5-track, self-titled EP from Vancouver BC's Bossanova starts off with magical sounds that seem to almost roll through the air. The Gin Game, the first track, is incredibly soothing and relaxing. This band has a knack of blending lounge and pop. They have a very poppy, guitar/bass/drums setup, but they mix in organs and the deep glowing loungy vocals of singer Chris Storrow.

The EP starts off quietly, and then picks up the pace with My First Luau and Saturday Night And Sunday Morning. The lyrics may be a little bit cheesy, but it is clear that there is true emotional sincerity behind the vocals, and I was so hypnotized by the snazzy vocal melodies, and charmed by how all of it worked together that I hardly noticed the lyrics at all.

The general tone of this record is very positive, the emotions it evokes are odd and seem to lie somewhere between happy to be sad, and happy just to be alive. A comparison is very difficult, I don't know of many bands that really explore this aspect of pop. Texturally, I am reminded vaguely of SIANspheric 4, but the extreme repetition of the music, the deep vocals, the speed, and the organs completely wreck that comparison.

If I had to pick a suggested listening activity, I'd say sailing! The nebulous, cruising, heavy melodies make me think of a big fat boat, rocking on big fat waves. No matter what you do while you listen to it, I highly recommend letting Bossanova take you for a glide.

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