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Pär Lindh Project
Mundus Incompertus

It is rare, nowadays, to find a rock musician that is exciting, original and evocative. Most rockers contend themselves by being "someone" else... It is dishearteningly painful to see a new generation of rock stars be exactly like the old ones. Sure they need to learn from the early masters but, having done so, they need to progress and expand rather than stagnate and imitate.

One of the rare exceptions to this trend is Pär Lindh, a classically-trained, modern-thinking Swedish organist par excellence and the new giant of symphonic rock - the rightful heir to Keith Emerson's masterful keyboard playing. Thor-like, Pär Lindh delves into his vibrant world with animalistic fury and virginal virtue. He lets the Pegasus of his Imagination fly into the uncharted territories of complex creation and magnificent incantation. His current album, Mundus Incompertus, is truly a masterpiece of classically inclined, resplendently succulent, unique feast for your inner sanctum. Swirls of powerful organ changing into sweet guitars and Harpsichord in acoustic elegance, kissed by Magdalena Hagberg's resplendent operatic voice, offer a glimpse of the mysterious, Northern lights-illuminated, Norse paradise. Beyond being just an album, this, like expensive brandy, is an experience to be savoured slowly but passionately. Extra highly recommended.

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