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The whole catalog - reissued and remastered

I do declare that music is the instrument of the devil.. It makes us twist and turn, swing and rock, devise and deny, accept and reject, fall in love and hate,.. it is the means by which our brain, somehow, files and feels the moment, destroying the distance between the past and present. How many times have you not heard a song on the radio only to be transported in another time and place at the sound of the first few notes; to fall in love all over again with youth and love itself... to transgress the age of reason and computers... I know that I often find myself searching for the bygone youth in the musical grooves of a record (now, re-issued on CD).. Soon, I will show up as an infant as my musical tastes and discoveries seem to lead ever so often into the time before my time!

Larry Fast, under the nom-de-plume Synergy, the prolific prodigy of the early electronic world, was part of the 70's avanguardia of electronic music. His releases spoke a million languages and reflected a billion emotions... all created by his array of moog synthesizers, Oberheim Expanders, Mellotrons and assorted computers. Unlike the minimalist composers of the 60's and 70's (eg, Philip Glass, John Adams etc), Larry Fast (and Tomita, and Wendy Carlos) gave their electrons soul, some warmth and a possibly human vision, future and dream. While Larry's prolific array of music is still current and much enjoyable, I have yet to play my Glass releases after the first time. It should be noted that all the music heard on each of Synergy's now re-issued and remastered CD's is the sole output of Larry's electronic creations... there are no conventional instruments used - even though your ears tend to hear huge orchestras, lots of guitars and the like. This is the world of the electronic mirage. Welcome weary travellers to the Synergy Oasis!

The entire Synergy catalog of recordings:
Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra (1975)
Sequencer (76)
Cords (78)
Games (79)
Audion (81)
Computer Experiments, Vol. 1 (81)
The Jupiter Menace (82)
Semi Conductor (compilation, 84)
Metropolitan Suite (87)

By the end of 1998 all nine of the Synergy albums will be available, reissued on remastered CD's.

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