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Jess Klein
Bound To Love
United for Opportunity

Jess Klein plays a pleasant Americana styled music on her new album. She has a warm voice and writes credible songs.

"Don't Wanna Say It" sees her play a song with a nice country vibe and a nicely relaxed mood. She reminds me a little of Gina Villalobos here. "I Just Want Know Your Name" is up-tempo and has a feisty vocal that Klein delivers with aplomb. It's one of the best tracks on offer here. "Before I Go" is a John Hiatt song that Klein really nails and makes her own. Her vocal is sublimely expressive here.

"Travellin' Woman" is tougher fare with a bluesy tone that Klein and her musicians handle well. Her voice has the grit necessary for such an exercise. She's really onto something with this album and should be able to continue for a long while in this vein.

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