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That's How We Burn
Sub Pop/Tuba!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin quartet Jaill - a self-described psych-pop combo - was formed in 2002 by Vincent Kircher (vocals, guitar) and Austin Dutmer (drums). Andrew Harris (bass, Jaill's 4th bass player) and Ryan Adams (guitar - yes, another Ryan Adams) make the foursome complete, making garage-pop going straight to your heart and to your legs. Their debut album There's No Sky (Oh My My) (Burger Records) was recorded in 2008 and released in 2009 (reissued this year). A buzzing, 12-song album lasting for some 30+ minutes. Their Sub Pop debut That's How We Burn holds 11 songs (in just over 32 minutes), and like Sub Pop claims: " is sure to make the girls freak, the guys geek, and all the lovers weak in the knees".

"The Stroller" kicks-off the album, with driving, pulsating rhythms steered by intriguing vocals and guitars. The pounding and indeed catchy "Everyone's Hip" follows, presenting a power-pop band very easy to like, with jangly guitars supporting wry vocals, reminding me of Supergrass. Same goes for "She's My baby". Neat. The Shins is another name springing to mind, hearing some of Jaill's pop songs and Kircher's vocals, except Jaill's (most of the time) a bit rawer sounding than The Shins. Just check out "On The Beat" or "Summer Mess". Another smashing song is the very cool sounding "Thank Us Later". I'm also recalling the spirit of the sound of classic post-punk pop, such as the legendary Magazine, Buzzcocks, even the young XTC. Just check out the spirit of the cocky and up-beat "How's The Grave". Other names popping up are some from the lo-fi pop scene of the 1990s, such as, say, Beatnik Filmstars and Spent. The 11 tracks tumbling out of That's How We Burn is a pure pleasure trip through neatly fuzzed and twisted bubblegum-pop. "Demon"'s got a devilish catchy hook. So simple, yet so irresistible. The title track closes an album it's quite easy to put on instant repeat.

Jaillhouse rock! Or pop! Whatever you prefer. In any way this is a most captivating and appealing album. This must be one of the great albums this summer. Or, to quote drummer Austin Dutmer, when asked about the pressure being signed on Sub Pop: "Holy shit, people will finally get to hear our awesome record."

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