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Sankt Otten
Mein Freund aus Köln
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Mein Freund aus Köln" is described by Hidden Shoal as 'a neon bird across the night sky'. Maybe some sort of a mechanical bird? Or rather, something mechanical but with something humane inside. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a train, steered by a pair of train conductors? It's the sound of a slow night train to dawn.

"Mein Freund aus Köln" is another track, the second single off Sankt Otten's latest album, Morgen wieder lustig. An album I didn't find as good as some of their earlier works. Nevertheless, Sankt Otten is always a comfortable listen. As with "Mein Freund...". Ice cool elegance, slo-mo grace. Fresh, clear, pure. Eau de Cologne. As a bonus track with this single you'll find "Melancholie für Millionen", which is calmer, like an electronic psalm. Comforting melancholia, if possible.

Sankt Otten create atmospheric and ambient moods, mainly for the midnight hour an beyond. But, there's almost a rising sun appearing on the horizon.

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