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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 172 - 09/23/10

Ingeborg Selnes
Bolibompa Records/Nightliner/Universal

Heartcore is Ingeborg Selnes' second album, following her highly acclaimed debut The Zoo two years ago. An album that were showing a young artist with lots on her mind, and in her heart. Selnes' musical roots are not only pop, but she's also gotten a leg in the hardcore camp. Hence the record's title.

Heartcore holds 11 tracks, and Ingeborg Selnes for sure is talented, musically as well as in writing catchy songs. However, I miss some songs, or maybe some attitude, that could've made this album really a 'grab and hold' hear through. Yes, here are nice songs, but most of them just seem.... too nice and mild. Too straight. Selnes claims Pet Shop Boys, Robyn, and Jenny Wilson to be some of her (many, many) influences. I can see the connection to Miss Wilson, yes, even to Robyn. PSB is way too smooth and not at all my cup of tea. I don't really understand why stretching towards pop of that format or caliber. Of her Norwegian Musical colleagues Selnes mentions Rockettothesky (AKA Jenny Hval) and Hanne Hukkelberg as names of inspiration. I would've loved to hear Ingeborg Selnes much, much more in their direction. Of other (female) artists (somewhat musically related) there is Marit Larsen, Bertine Zetlitz, the (now defunct) trio Ephemera, and Sissy Wish to name a few. If you're asking me, I'd prefer Sissy Wish's power-pop.

Sorry, I just can't get caught by Heartcore's popcore right now. Hopefully next platter will be more experimental and playful. And, maybe entitled Hardshaped, Brokenhard or Hard attack.

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