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Skit I Allt
Subliminal Sounds

At their best Dungen sounds like lying in a warm summer meadow. The first couple of tracks off Skit I Allt sound even better, like floating in the vibrating air a little above that meadow. With those tracks "Vara Snabb" (Be Quick) and "Min Enda Vän" (My Only Friend) Dungen reach another level. The rest of the album sounds closer to your average Dungen album, but still a little bit mellower. One might fear that if the development continues, Dungen will turn too laid-back for their own good. But the distorted guitar that dominated 4 to some extent, is still there, though the doses have been considerably reduced. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Gustav Ejstes and his gang are helped out by the excellent vocalist Anna Järvinen on one song. Otherwise they master everything themselves.

Skit I Allt means something like 'Don't give a damn about anything'. Well, I think the title track deals with a relationship (Don't give a damn, just you come to me, sort of), certainly not Dungen's music. On the contrary. Skit I Allt is an excellent and characteristic blend of timeless folk-psychedelic-progressive-slightly jazzy album. The best Sweden has to offer!

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