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Jennifer Zarine
Fresh Made Cuppa Tea
independent / self-released

Jennifer Zarine is a skillful jazz vocalist who comes up trumps on this vivacious record. She doesn't do anything new, but she presents her song choices with verve and flair.

"The Way You Do The Things You Do" gets a soulful yet poppy take that brings out the best in her sultry voice. "Have a Cuppa Tea" is a fresh take on a Ray Davies song that seems to highlight the record's mischievous sense of fun. "Paint it Black" is an unlikely but satisfying slow burning take on the proto-Goth Stones classic. It's very nicely done and the saxophone bits are tastefully done. Zarine's own song "Sleep" is a sweet and moving lullaby that she handles with her usual finesse. It's a nice album in all.

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