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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 173 - 10/23/10

Chamber of Echoes
Unbound And Set Free / Under Lock And Key
Ektasis/Artisans Label

Klaryssa Karol has an intriguing EP in the darkwave/industrial mold. One side is the major label idea of her music and the other the EP the way she wanted it. Either way "Esoteric" charges along nicely and sees Karol's sharp vocals dance against a strongly emphasized beat.

"Scar Tissue" bounces along like a latter day Nine Inch Nails track with nicely sung vocals. "Disenchanted" is dense yet retains a melodic appeal; Karol's emotional vocals set the tone well. The closing "The Shade of my Spirit" is a bit of dramatic melody fired by the singer's passionate delivery. By contrast the Under Lock And Key EP has more pronounced rhythms and a punchier, more commercial delivery. While not bad, it seems Karol's heart is more in the independent version. An interesting idea and a captivating pair of EPs.

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