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Slow Dancing Society
Under The Sodium Lights
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Slow Dancing Society, aka Drew Sullivan, is a Washington based ambient producer and musician. Under the Sodium Lights is his much anticipated fourth album. And with this album Slow Dancing Society really lives up to his beautiful name.

Under the Sodium Lights sways between the most fragile emotive sounds, resounding guitars, enchanting vocal and blurred silence. It is rich, delicate and ethereally mistful, like the feeling of a dream right before you know you are awake. But as a dream can be delusive, so is the fragility in these mesmerizing tunes, since they have the strength of true beauty.

Under the Sodium Lights opens with over 8 minutes lusciously droning in "The Songs In Your Eyes", before it unfolds with the stunning title track, which is pure, hypnotic ambient lustre. A splendour that continues through the captivating single "...And To The Dust We Shall Return", and the brilliant finale "Love Is On The Way".

Slow Dancing Society has with Under the Sodium Lights delivered one of those rare albums that will leave the listener stunned, and addicted, for quite a long time.

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