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Joe Soko
It Sucks!
Sokotronic Prouctions

It's hard to do comedy in music, but Soko is doing a good job on this album. He turns his attention to bad neighbors on "May I Please Borrow An Egg?" and odder things still in "Like a Snowman with Arthritis". The metaphors he uses in the latter song are as hilarious as the title implies.

The backing is bare, but the words are always funny and occasionally very insightful. The title song thankfully doesn't suck, but is a rather cute and clever though it uses the title a lot. "No way, Dude!" is also a cool track, Soko getting into an odd mode, as he repeats the title. Later he ponders why Adam and Eve didn't have cell phones and yet more strange things. So no, it doesn't suck at all.

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