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Ember Schrag
Jephthah's Daughter
Eh? Records

Even if it was released some moonths ago, let's check Miss Schrag's latest offering. I was positively taken by her debut album, A Cruel, Cruel Woman. Now let's see what this new EP offers.

This time it's only Ember, her voice and the acoustic guitar. All naked. Four songs exposing the artist Ember Schrag with no possible place to hide. And she comes away with it head held high. Firstly because she's got a warm and delightful voice, feeling like a mild breeze against your chin. Secondly she comes up with interesting songs, with intriguing lyrics - this time inspired/influenced by Canadian poet/essayist/translator Anne Carson, with references to the Old Testament (the 'surreal distortions of obscure, disturbing moments', according to the press sheet), and distant childhood memories. As a result, beautiful songs come out. Especially the EP's highlight, "I Ain't A Prophet".

Ember Schrag recorded and released 11 cassettes and CD-Rs prior to her debut. Check out her songs. She deserves a bigger audience.

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