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How The Ship Goes Down
Whalers (own label)

Austin, TX, indie-rock outfit Whalers present their 7-song-long album How The Ship Goes Down with the right bravour and attitude. I like what I hear.

Guitarists Kyle Rother and Dan Martin began making music together in 2003, while based in Fort Worth. Back in Austin (a few years later) they gathered the full quintet with singer Gus Smalley, veteran drummer Milos "Hound Dog" Bertram, and bass-player Amir Mozafari (replacing Joseph Goessling this year). Their rock'n'roll is sort of basic and straightforward, yet, it's got something in it which makes it good enough to charm me (I'm not all that easy...).

How The Ship Goes Down is said to be an EP, holding some 30 minutes of music. The Whalers' mantra is: 'Less is more', which should be a lesson for many a pop/rock band around. Whalers' songs are guitar-based, 'old-fashion' style (not sloppy or soggy, mind you), with cool/raw rock vocals by Smalley. Within their songs you'll find both traces from the 60s (and 70s) as well as hints of new (well, at least 90s).

How The Ship Goes Down was recorded, produced, and performed by Whalers in Austin, TX, and mixed by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Wax Fang, plus others). Looking for something not being hip and fashionable, but with kool and tough songs? Enjoy Whalers. Key tracks: "Magic Tricks", "Sell Out", and "That Rabbit".

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