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Split Tongue Crow
Split Tongue Crow
STC / own

The Split Tongue Crow (STC from now) crew counts 5: Cara White (vocals), Jeremy Woods (vocals, bass guitar), Dave Anderson (electric guitar), Eoin Noonan (vocals, acoustic guitar), and Matt Marro (drums & percussion). STC have been described as folk, newgrass, Americana, alt-country, backwoods, mountain music, and a number of other tags. The band themselves prefer "...good old, 'hill and valley folk'." Further, they claim: "...our sound comes from who we are and where we grew up, a sum far greater than its parts. We didn't get together in a room one day and say, "hey, lets sound like this" or "let's sound like that". [...] We grew up in the backwoods hills and valleys of the North East United States. So, not surprisingly, that's where our sound comes from. We sound like the hills and sound like the valleys. We sound like us. We sound like Vermonters."

I don't usually listen to a lot of folk music or Americana... sorry, 'hill and valley', but Split Tongue Crow's self-titled debut is for sure a pretty nice listen. Not too cowboy for my taste, even though some tracks are bit... on the edge. What you do get the feeling of is: they're a basic, no-bullshit band. Serious players with no whim-wham.

Split Tongue Crow holds backwoods harmonies and mountain melodies for you to relax, making your body and mind less tense or rigid.

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