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Sweet Time
Daffer Doodle Music

I've reviewed two of Dafni's previous records and was really looking forward to her newest one. I wasn't disappointed. She favors an old-fashioned but still fresh sound, and the songwriting is excellent.

The title song has a wonderful piano part, and Dafni singing of a runway that contemplates the people she left behind. Her voice is utterly lovely here. "Under the Blue Skies" is a country-ish tune about longing for peace, delivered with typical sweetness. "Walking out the Door" is an upbeat goodbye to a bad boyfriend that's feisty and smart in all the right ways. "Run Away" takes up the theme of escape again, as a woman tries to persuade her lover to run away with her. It's a slow-burning tour de force that she manages well. Dafni's still a charming presence who makes utterly delightful and sweet music.

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