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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 177 - 02/18/11

Marie Ingerslev
The Other Side
Gateway Music

Marie Ingerslev previously released an enchanting record as Mary and this one follows its sterling pattern. She has an intriguing, jazzy approach that's part Everything But The Girl and part Tori Amos on a quiet day.

"Goodbye Old World" is a progressive flavored opener with some spellbinding vocals. She's lost none of her talent. "Daily Life" is quietly beguiling in its account of ordinary miracles and hope. It's not unlike the brilliant Jonatha Brooke. "Save my Sound" sees Ingerslev singing at the top of her game, to a sedate backing. Her quite approach has genuine appeal and it's not just cause it's unusual. It's got real soul and a strong identity all its own. The title song is nicely sheltered, her lovely voice finding a meditative calm and her song a beguiling moment of joy. It's a wonderful record that deserves to be loved by many.

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