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My experience with black metal is less than limited. I'm no big fan of machine gun guitars and hoarse growling vocals. Yet there is something special about Vreid, and the new album in particular. The band seems to have matured and occasionally slowed down a little bit. Here are elements picked up from the past; heavy metal of the 1970s and 80s. I think I can spy with my little eye short traces close to classic progressive rock! And in "The Sound Of The River" maybe even a glimpse inspired by folk-rock of noble vintage? In spite of the dark and gloomy band name (meaning Wrath), guitars, lyrics, vocals, songs I feel joyful listening to some of these tracks, especially "Arche", "Fire On The Mountain" and "The Others & The Look". They turn this 50 years boring old fart into an energetic 15 year old for a little while. Of course this is way beyond what Vreid is aiming at. And the black metal purists may turn away in disgust. So be it!

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