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Raianne Richards
Simple In This Place
Nobody's Favorite Records

Raianne Richards' album has as its theme living simply surrounded by nature and it sure sounds like it. The stripped-down sound has soft textures and some lovely songs as presented by Richards and Mark Mandeville, with help by Jerry Fels on instruments and vocals.

"Simply Uncompromised" sounds like a perfect campfire song complete with angelic vocals and a soft backing. "Best Advice" is also a soft song, with Richards singing of a troubled soul seeking refuge. She recalls Hope Sandoval in this song, and the banjo she plays fits right in. "Calm Down" lives up to its title, Richards singing like an angel. The sound is a bit dramatic at times, but it works well.

"A Hundred Miles" is a gentle song, with Richards singing marvelously. She makes songs that seem effortless, which usually means they are anything but. It's a sweet record for these troubled times.

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