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Natasha Borzilova
Balancing Act
Hadley Music Group

Natasha Borzilova's previous album, Cheap Escape, was a very appealing record, and her new release shows the same capable songwriting. The Russian born singer has chosen songs about finding balance, and it works as a theme.

"Anything at all" has a sensitive lyric, and a melody that flows naturally. "Fine Print" has a tale of love that Borzilova tells with her consummate grace and style. It's one of the album's standouts. "Paper Wings" is a song that allows her to use her lovely voice to its best as she sings of vulnerability and change. The closing "Rechka" a Russian folk song about death, and as ever it's an intriguing recording. Her voice sounds as good as ever in Russian and the stark reading is just great. It's an amazing record.

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