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coverpic flag US - Indiana - Full Moon 178 - 03/19/11

Krista Detor
Chocolate Paper Suites
Tightrope Records

This brave album is divided into various suites, though it hardly has the grand sound of most concept albums. It's a folksy and intimate record with some lovely vocals. The suites deal with topics like the madness of love and Darwin so all of humanity is here somehow. The individual tracks can sound like tracks of a separate nature too, with the beautiful "Lorca in Barcelona" as an example. There's a subtle Spanish influence here and it allows for an invigorating listen. The dreamy suite "Night Light" uses familiar metaphors, but has a warm nature that rejuvenates them. Detor's vocals are hugely pleasing to the ear here. "By Any other Name" is warm and pensive, Detor handling the vocals in her usual lovely fashion. It's an invigorating and utterly beguiling album.

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