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King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
Diamond Mine
Double Six Records / Domino / Playground

Diamond Mine is a collaborative album from Scottish singer/songwriter King Creosote (Kenny Anderson) and the London-based electronic composer Jon Hopkins. The album is recorded over a number of years, done just for the love of it. And that is pleasantly audible. King Creosote has described this 30 minutes short album as a "soundtrack to a romanticised version of a life lived in a Scottish coastal village". And in the most delicate manner, Diamond Mine captures the harsh beauty and restlessness such a quiet life.

The sounds of spring tides, tea cups, birds and cafe chatter from Fife (King Creosote's home town) makes the backdrop of a soundscape that Jon Hopkins has given a timeless organic and picturesque texture. Yet, the core of Diamond Mine is the wonderful voice of King Creosote, and his acoustic guitar, even though the guitar is replicated on most of the tunes. Being sort of a concept album, Diamond Mine should be played in one take. Or, preferably more, since it is a very demanding album. From the first chatter in the opener "First Watch", through the melancholy in "John Taylor's Month Away", the mesmerized longing in "Running On Fumes", the sore romance of "Bubble", to the captivating tenderness in the closure "Your Young Voice", it calls for your full attention. And that attention is so very well deserved.

I actually only have one objection regarding King Creosote and Jon Hopkins' beautiful Diamond Mine, and that is its lack of length. Even though it lingers in the mind for hours after each listening, I keep wanting more. Which also is fine.

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