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Dearling Physique
Deadeye Dealer
Dearling Physique

Domino Davis fronts Dearling Physique and has an unusual and strong voice. "Can't Say No" opens the album with a bang, spoken word passages and singing married to near industrial beats. It's a powerful statement. "Your Condition" sees Davis stretch that considerable voice against a backing that recalls Fever Ray meeting up with Björk. "Sleep and the Heart" is a track of impossibly eerie electronica that has me thinking of Depeche Mode fronted by Antony. It's an elegant, elegiac track that shows the band's mettle.

"Discipline Your Hands" closes the unusual album on a disturbing but powerful note, Davis' vocals are as ever wonderfully expressive and the backing is dynamic and lively. It's a debut that stands out amidst the crowd.

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