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I Against I

For Headcleaner, their first album, Ronald (guitar, vocals), Jasper (drums) and Bob (bass, vocals) went to the U.S. to record this studio album. The record is mixed, engineered and produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton. Yeah, those two from the Descendents, and that kinda sound is what you'll get from I Against I, cuz the Descendents is one of their fav. bands. This can also be heard and read if you read along. One very big disappointment is that from the 14 songs there are only 6 new songs on this album. All the other 8 songs are from their first demo tape and 7" single, Top Of The World.

Actually I can't write much more about this album, so if you're into Descendents, I'll recommend this album to you.

Track list:
Maybe Tomorrow, Passed Me By, Stumble And Stare, Top Of The World, Ordinary Fight, Look Inside, The Signs, Nailed To The Floor, Time, The Bottom, Lesson To Be Learned, Ideals, Utopia, and All By Yourself.

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