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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 181 - 06/15/11

Loner / Linda Loveless
Canned Mole Records

Mole debuted with their The Power Of Bad EP back in 2005. After six years of crawling the back alleys of Shit City, they finally resurface with this dirty slab of 7" vinyl. The rotting flesh of mutilated garbage mutants on the front cover is tasteful. The flipside picture of the band is more disturbing. Despite the almost funky guitar break in "Loner", this is basic gutter rock'n'roll, catchy stoneage riffing, distorted bass, angry vocals and everything else in place. "Linda Loveless" is in the same vein. Nirvana is an obvious reference. The grunge whores1 are back.

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1 [grunge whore]: the opposite of a circus clown (Dickipedia, 2011)

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