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Some Moths Drink The Tears Of Elephants

Anne Watts and her group Boister have been playing their cool music a while now. Their latest effort sees them being produced by the well-known Jim Dickinson.

The version of a Brecht lyric, "Song of the eight elephant" is a cabaret-tinged song with a flavor of Tom Waits. "Spy" is a soft song with a soulful slant to it that the band manages very well. Watts' vocal inhabits the song easily and the trombone played by Craig Considine is very well placed. "Nantes" is a traditional song given a nice reading, Watts singing in a wonderfully lazy way. The other band members play along with great dexterity. "Old House" sees them aim for a jazzy, slow burning mood with an intoxicating lead vocal. This album is a treasure.

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