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Liam Finn
Yep Roc Records

Liam Finn put out his smashing debut album I'll Be Lightning in 2008. A brilliantly raw and energetic pop album, filled with catchy and hooky songs. Now, over three years later follows his second album proper (there was EP called Champagne in Seashells, along with Eliza Jane Barnes). This better be good. I hope. Fingers crossed.

FOMO is very... different. Different, and maybe even difficult. Not that it's introvert, or eccentric, or weird in any way. It just differs from his debut. Which is quite okay, somehow. Taking some steps further. Is this the soundtrack to the "fear of missing out"? But, mind you, he's not left his talent behind. The setting is perfect: 10 tracks, clocking in at some 35 minutes. Album opener "Neurotic World" is a calm, quiet and laidback song. Finn then surprises with "Don't Even Know Your Name", a danceable piece quite unlike what he's been up to. Then follows a few tracks sort of running quietly at idle -- at least during the first few spins they do. But, when spun again they're picking up, showing what a great pop-song smith and arranger Liam Finn is. "The Struggle" makes the heat rise again, before the somewhat too soft ballad "Little Words". "Reckless" is back on the track again, being a classic 'trademark' Liam Finn power-pop song. So is the fine closer, "Jump Your Bones". Nifty and punchy.

FOMO is another high quality album by Finn. Probably making his dad Neil and uncle Tim very proud. Yet, FOMO is way softer (maybe more adult oriented? Nah. Well, Liam Finn's growing older... well, he's barely pushing 30...) than I'll Be Lightning. It's good, getting better, but not great.

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