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All these Quiet Hours
Ubique Records

Keith Nyquist who used to record as Nyquist Frequency has returned with a changed sound for this record. "Loomings (I Found Out)" is a sweet poppy concoction with a strong psychedelic flavor that Nyquist and his companions, Mark Mattson, Craig Swafford and Jeremy Heroldt manage well. "Man on the Roof" retains the pop magic, but has plenty of progressive undertones that Nyquist handles with his usual flair. "Finland Station" is a tranquil yet suspenseful composition with some of Flaming Lips' approach to music.

"Green Star" has a melody that's impossible to resist, and a real sense of adventure to it. Nyquist's fabulous vocals are so well delivered here and his band is in prefect synch. It's a great record all told.

[Also; check out Mattson's Tall Grass Captains of Greater Chicago on the Ubique label - editor's note]

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