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Tiffany Apan
Heart Song: The Living Room Sessions EP
Poets Labyrinth

Tiffany Apan follows her impressive debut album with a cool EP. Here she favors a more stripped-down approach, and its suits the songs fine.

"Heart Song" is a lovely and sweeetly sung ode to freedom that Apan handles very well. The traditional "Greensleeves" gets a beautiful reading that really resonates in a modern way. Apan's vocals are lovely and pure. The equally traditional "Carrickfergus" is done as a duet with Heidi Engel, it's a respectful yet contemporary performance that does the oft-covered song justice.

The closing "Antarctica" is a stunning original with a Celtic feel that's common in Apan's work. The more electronic version that will follow on her second album should also be stirring. This is a great ep.

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