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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 184 - 09/12/11

Jacob Faurholt
Dark Hours
Raw Onion Records

Jacob Faurholt follows an impressive record with a darker, rawer but equally strong new one. The opening title song is sad, but has a hopeful quality that shows in each slow chord.

"Black Lake Lodge" is a slow and undulating song complete with a tortured lead vocal. Faurholt can brood with the best of them. "Creatures of the Sea" is a track with an intriguingly odd lyric and a tune that stands out. The backing vocal is dreamy and sweet. "Hope still Floats in the Sea" ends the album on a suitably neat note. Faurholt's vocal is disjointed and distant but still full of presence. The refrain will haunt you for days. It's another great record by by Faurholt.

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