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Olivia Tremor Control
The Game You Play is in Your Head Parts 1,2,3

Wow! A new song by The Olivia Tremor Control! A digital single called "The Game You Play is in Your Head Parts 1,2,3" is the first new material from the band in more than ten years. And, yes, they're working on a new album as well!

The Athens, GA (and part of the Elephant 6 collective) band Olivia Tremor Control (OTC) put out two fabulous albums back in 1996 and 1999. Both monumental pieces of wild, colourful and adventurous psychedelic pop music. So, what happened, then? They didn't break up, just hid for years. While the guys launched other projects: Bill Doss has his Sunshine Fix (as well as working with The Apples in Stereo), while Will Cullen Hart's got Circulatory System running (also counting Peter Erchick and John Fernandes from OTC). So, what about "The Game You Play Is in Your Head Parts 1,2,3", then. It's quite a typical OTC epic pop-trip. Happening in three parts, of course. Wonderfully psychedelic, magical jingle-jangle with carnival keys and guitars, tribal drums and bumble bass. Playful and adventurous as always. Neat, but not as outstanding as they're at their best. That said, I predict the coming album to be excellent.

Let Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss and the rest of OTC be your trip-advisors. The new album is (hopefully) due early 2012. I'm really looking forward to the ATP festival in December!

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