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Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra
Live at the Brooklyn Bowl

Brother Joscephus and his band follow an impressive debut of 'secular gospel' with a blistering live set. "A child shall lead" is a riotous song that sees them firing at all cylinders. It's a good example of what they can do live. The raucous "Make Love To Your Woman" is a treat and a half, the group playing with great skill and Brother Joscephus delivering a suitably amorous vocal. Queen's "Somebody to love" is rendered in a style that feels very soulful and honest, complete with a Prince' style intro. Samia's lead vocal is gorgeous. "When the Saints Go Marchin In" is a neat fit for the band's abilities. It's rendered joyously and with great spirit. It's an album that makes you wish you could have been there.

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