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The Green Pajamas
Green Pajama Country!
Green Monkey Records

The Green Pajamas has been around for ages, since the mid 1980s, and they've recorded and released more than 20 albums. This time Jeff Kelly and co step deeper into cowboy territory.

We've only reviewed one of Green Pajamas' records here at Luna K; the In A Glass Darkly EP, years ago. Myself I'm not all too familiar with the band, or the PJs as they're nicknamed by friends and followers. Well, after a few spins of their new album I'm not so sure that I'll become neither a friend nor a follower. With Green Pajama Country! they go all the way making a country record. Country as with smokin', drinkin', cryin', honky tonk and whiskey drinking. Here are also some epic Americana ballad stuff, and by all means; I won't deny there are some fine moments on Green Pajama Country!, an album holding 15 songs, lasting more than an hour -- which is way too long, asking me. I also find The Green Pajamas to be a band too stuck in the 80s. Sad but true. Well, this is my honest opinion.

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