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Sigourney Reverb
Bees In Your Bed Bad
Green Monkey Records

Sigourney Reverb is a Seattle four-piece having a good time within their little world of pop-punk. Bees In Your Bed Bad is their debut album, and the label namedrops The Kinks, X, Pixies, T-Rex, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Quite some cocktail. Or, rather, they claim this is not the bands mentioned. This is Sigourney Reverb.

At first I didn't get this album. I thought it started badly, or as a not very interesting record. But, a few songs in the record gets a late take-off. I sort of get the code. Singer and main songwriter Eric Padget and his posse come up with decent songs for a good party. They show a sense of humour, and - even better - they seem to be a most charming and unpretentious band. As the Green Monkey Records label state: 'The Reverbs are Kings of the 65th Street Ballard Scene, a separatist community located in Seattle, WA, and home to hipsters, musicians, fisherman, and Scandinavians.' Hmm. Anyway, I do like many of their songs, even do it's not a milestone album for the historic records. What's good about Sigourney Reverb's songs is that they're mostly instant; short and to the point. 14 songs altogether, finished in lee than 31 minutes. Efficiency, right.

Songs worth mentioning: "Everybody Wants To Be Alone", "What If?", "Fline Away", "Mallow Pillow Montage" (4 minutes 44 seconds!), "21-32" and "Little Bird" (with a vocal nod to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"). To quote label Green Monkey Records about the album: 'a damn fine result'. I tend to agree.

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