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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 185 - 10/12/11

Nick Hudson and the Academy of Sun
My Antique Son
Vivid Records

Nick Hudson's previous record was an intriguing listen, and his new effort is no less stellar. He tells intriguingly odd tales with an angelic voice. The opening title song recalls Jeff Buckley with its yearning tone.

"Rupert Brooke" is a paean to the poet and laments, "Are all my crushes doomed to be doomed poets?" in a sweet fashion. I can't think of anyone who'd have done this song better justice. He skirts close to the delicate soundworld of David Sylvian. This is followed by a superlative rendition of the folk song "All the Pretty Horses".

Hudson's a rare singer who dares to dream. The epic "Dead Souls" scales heights easily, as Hudson and his band bend the limits of music to ascend freely. It's an absolutely perfect statement. This is a fabulous and bold record.

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