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Ane Brun
It All Starts With One


Look up all the meanings in the dictionary related to the word quiet:

  • freedom from noise
  • tranquil
  • restful
  • calm
  • still
  • gentle
  • silent
  • serene
  • dreamy
  • peaceful
  • subdued

It all starts with the almost whispering "These Days". And then the tiptoeing "Words". Etheral "Worship". I am listening to the latest album from Ane Brun, the deluxe 2xCD [*] It All Starts With One. Some songs, like the melancholy "One last try" makes me think that Ane has spent hours at the piano seeking out the most simplistic and yet powerful chords. And then: "Do you remember" undoubtedly has energy. And the lyrics of "One" reminds me of a revolutionary battle cry. There is considerable force even in the quietest of the songs, like "Oh love".

From light to dark, from happy to sad. The album ranges from upbeat on the verge of tounge-in-cheek "Take it slow" to heartbreakingly sad "Undertow". After 8 years of wear, I still love to pick Spending Time With Morgan from the shelf. Now there will be competition!

[* : This edition's 2nd disc holds cover songs by Built To Spill and Antony and the Johnson, as well as Ariel Ramírez and Félix Luna's homage to Latin-American poet Alfonsina Storni - editor's note]

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