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The European
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Last month the Colorado-based Deutch-American singer/songwriter Kramies released the single "Coal Miners Executive Club" from the EP: The European. It gave a promise of forthcoming otherworldly beauty, which the EP upholds well.

The European opens with the pleasant drone-pop piece "Intro" that sets the mood with looping guitars and Kramies' velvet-touched vocals. Then there is sci-fi dream-pop escapism of the title track and the shadowy and haunting ballad "Inventors", that is followed by the emotive single before the closure "Antiquarian Days". A quietly bulging and wistful guitar-driven tune.

Kramies has with the aid of producer Todd Tobias (Circus Devil, Guided by Voices) and guitarist David Paolucci, made The European into a delicate melancholic and poetic swirl of pop-delight.

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