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We Don't Look Back For Very Long
Hidden Shoal Recordings

We Don't Look Back For Very Long is Antonymes (a.k.a Ian Hazeldine) going to the slow dance club, as he has reworked and re-titled (not remixed, mind you) 4 tracks by fellow Hidden Shoal artist Slow Dancing Society (a.k.a. Drew Sullivan). It starts with "The Grey Sea And The Long Black Land", which is an interpretation of "Be There", off the album The Sound of Lights When Dim (2006). "As If Viewed From A Distance" is Antonymes take on "The Time We've Spent", off The Slow and Steady Winter (2007). Then follows "That Moment", which is based on "Forever Young" from Priest Lake Circa '88 (2008). Fourth and final track, "A Feeling of Being Closer" is a remake of "By Your Side", which appeared on Under The Sodium Lights (2010).

Antonymes put out The Licence To Interpret Dreams last April, and it was a transcendental experience, and a sheer beauty when it comes to quiet, slow floating music. We Don't Look Back... was released some two months ago but I was to slow to check it out before a new year came. This EP holds, as his album of last year, delicate ear candy (or rather, head candy?) of the transcendental type. Ambient minimalism of the fragile kind. Slow-floating compositions working as mind-massage. We Don't Look Back... is nearly 30 minutes of delicate compositions. Or, should they be called re-composition? Because this is far from being regular 'cover versions'. Anyway, this is atmospheric stuff, trademark Antonymes. Meaning almost not of this earth. We Don't Look Back For Very Long is the delicate sound of Antonymes meeting Slow Dancing Society in some secret, stardusted place, and the result is stellar. Nevermind the remade songs; they appear as new compositions. Or 'soulmate songs'.

The CD release of We Don't Look Back For Very Long came as a limited hand-numbered letterpress edition of 100.

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