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Plaster is the Italian duo of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini, who started out in 2008. Their electronic musical constructions are (according to the band/label) characterized " a dark attitude which aims to mix ambient music, deep beats and sharp noises."

Platforms strikes me as a melodic ambient record, and by clocking in at 40 minutes it makes me positive even before putting it on. The short introductory "Parallel Segment" sets the tone (briefly), before "Component" sets the standard, showing the music as substantial content. The rough and noisy edges appear, almost as a solo. "Structure" eases a bit on the beat, but leans more heavy on the spooky darkness. Plaster/Kvitnu own words about Platforms goes: "...aims to introduce a subconscious journey through the flow of its music. Each track is a platform, which when related to life represents a point where you can stop or start again. Makes sense, somehow. It makes me recall the movie Inception (dir.: Christopher Nolan, 2010). Anyway, the track "Iperstatic" is the most unlively and static (with purpose I guess), while "Intersection" one of the better tracks. As is "Double Connection", being sort of a key track I guess. It's also the song holding 'vocals', or a voice (by Christina Gasparetto): it's a sentence from the book "The Power Of Now: : A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" by spiritual author Eckhart Tolle. I guess Platforms aims for taking you to the various spiritual levels of life.

My overall view of this record is that it's ice cold and ice kool, yet warming (or, is it a warning?) and heat seeking. It's a bit like what I believe it would've sounded like if Godspeed You Black Emperor! have messed around Kraftwerk's basement, or attic.

As with most (all?) Kvitnu releases art is credited: designed by Zavoloka. Plaster's cover layout is done by Fabrizio Garramone, an it's a simple, yet brilliant piece of art. A flip and fold out cover that... you'd better see for yourself.

PS! The CD version also contains video "Lydia K" by David Terranova.

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