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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 189 - 02/07/12

Sanna Martin
Min vrå av världen
SMP Recordings

Sanna Martin has a wide experience but this is her first solo record. Here she covers some songs by Peter LeMarc and she does so with style.

Opener "Ett troget hjärta" (A faithful heart) is a scaled-down and minimalistic version with a gorgeous vocal. "Varje natt ett regn" (Every night a rain) is a soft hush that she inhabits easily, making the song her own. "Lita aldrig på en man" (Never trust a man) has suitably feisty lyrics for Martin to treat like her it was her own. She really has a way with these songs, almost like she had written them herself.

"Sången de spelar när filmen är slut" (the song they play when the film is over) is one of LeMarc's best ballads and it gets a lovely reading that brings out the best in Martin's vocals. Her album really sees her stepping into the spotlight on her own.

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