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Freak Owls
Sing Engine Records

When I was introduced to the Freak Owls a year ago I immediately was attracted to their pop music. Their Taxidermy album ranked among the top ten of my favourite albums of 2011. Even if it was a 2010 release...

Now, this six song EP, Orchestrates follows their debut album. Since last time the Owls' line-up has gone from a 5-piece to 3-piece; meaning songwriter Josh Ricchio, Cody Geil and Kolby Wade. And their, or Ricchio's song writing skills is even better. This is perfect melancholia pop (well, indie-folk-pop) with brains and emotions. As the band themselves state: "Freak Owls wants to warm the heart and chill the spine." True words, especially through harsh and freezing cold winter times. This is not far from The Shins (who'll return with a new album in March) territories, which is not a bad place to be at all. Death Cab For Cutie and Iron and Wine are other references. Check out starter "Drunk Ghosts", or "Button Up, Buttercup", and pop comes teasing you. The music of the Freaks Owls, such as the song "Philadelphia", seem so fragile and brittle, yet they seem quite strongly built. Fragile beauties, I guess we might conclude. The closing "Golden Eyes" is a fine end, as it's draped in joy and sadness.

Orchestrates turns out to be a collection of low-voiced mid-winter pop-hymns. Sweet bon-bons by the bonfire.


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