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flag Netherlands - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 19 - 05/11/98

Good Old Habit
Tape 2
unofficial demo

Good Old Habit is a new Dutch band which blends old school, hardcore, punk, oi, metal. They consist of members from Soberesponse (Rosputin, drums), yawp! (Reveren Prick of the Punkster Community, vocals), Jill Frisky (Perry Coma, guitar and Glenn Ranzig, guitar). Sint Benno, guitar, and Ron Brandstichter, bass, don't play in other bands.

If their first tape was ass kicking good, this 2nd tape is even getting more orgasmatic. The fact that it's taped in a better place w/ better recording thingies helped. Blood Stained Streets has some metal in it, but it's played in a way that isn't getting annoying. Reveren Prick has to drink some chocolate milk, Perry Coma is screaming. That means Motörhead cover-song-time. They cover Motörhead and We Are The Roadcrew. Well, Motörhead fuck off, you can learn a lot from these covers, they're just way better than the originals.

Then it's time for some of the more faster and tougher, A.S.O.S.. If that song doesn't create a circlepit, I'm lost. What the fuck have unions to do with that lame-ass European unity, that's what No Union is about. Just like Human Alert they also hate people (I Hate People). I suppose this has something to do with the fact that they always give the wrong answers and stuff. At the end you hear some "hare krishna, hare krishna hare krishna", so it has to be time for Krishna. With this song they kick the shit outta the Hare Krishna community.

Songs like Victim and Traci (about Traci Lord, the porn star) aren't on this tape, but there are some more songs which I don't know the titles of. Now I'll be waiting for an official demo or 7". Well, that can't be here soon enough. And indeed Good Old Habit is here to surf and protect.

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